Common Wedding Mishaps and How to Evade Such Mistakes Part 2

We had shared with you in Part 1 some wedding mistakes and how to evade them, now we will share with you the rest of the mistakes and do enjoy the read.

  • Being blinded by details: Do not obsess whether all the napkins match the colour combination of your decor or whether the chair covers are made of hundred percent satin. These small details will drive you crazy and make you a bridezilla. What’s more? Stressing over small things might also wreak havoc on your looks and health. And we are sure no bride wants that, right? Learn to relax and stay happy.
  • Hiring busy vendors: If a vendor has taken up too many weddings together, they may not be able give their 100 per cent to you. Whether it is your wedding planner or individual vendors (like, photographer, florist, makeup artist, etc.), make sure when it comes to your wedding, you have their individual attention as far as possible. Especially, during the peak wedding season, before hiring a vendor confirm with them how many weddings do, they take up at a time and how much individual attention can they give to each one?
  • Interfering with your vendor’s job: Wedding vendors have tons of experience behind them and that is the reason you hire them in the first place. So, do not try to interfere in the things they do best. Though it is good you discuss all your ideas with them and keep a watch on their execution but interfering with each detail is not the best way to get the best out of them.
  • Having back ups: If you are having an outdoor wedding, make plans for unexpected weather. If you are having a destination wedding, you should have someone to pick up your guests from the hotels. Basically, have backups for everything, so that you are not in for a nasty surprise later.
  • Schedule time for photographs: Many brides forget to give their photographers adequate time to click photographs. So, before the ceremony, ask your photographer to come to the venue and click your pictures. Then immediately after your wedding, ask him to click some shots with your husband. He will handle the rest of the shots on his own, but you need to make time for some special shots that will make the most stunning addition to your albums and your memories.
  • Not asking for discounts: Many couples shy away from asking their vendors to give them discounts. But do not make this mistake. Ask and you will get something in return. Especially, if you are getting married during an off-season, do not leave the opportunity to negotiate the prices and get the best deals for yourself.
  • Taking too much time to make decisions: You should not make ‘spur of the moment’ decisions, but you should also not take a month to give your nod for something. Who knows while you are busy thinking over which venue to book or which makeup artist to hire, someone else might have already booked them for the same date? So, do not take too much time to make decisions, and always try to stay in touch with your vendors if there is any delay happening from your side.
  • Trying to multi-task on your wedding day: On the day before your wedding, you should be spending time with your family, getting beauty sleep, and relaxing your nerves. This is not the time to rush around for dress fittings or last-minute shopping. Keep this in mind. Prepare a schedule beforehand on what things need to be completed and by when to save yourself from the last-minute hassles.
  • Not arranging transportation: You need to not only arrange transportation for yourself, but also your close family members and some guests. You cannot expect all the guests who are staying with you at home to squeeze into your car and reach the venue. It is best to keep a car or two aside for your guests in case there is an emergency.
  • Factoring time for transportation: Your GPS may tell you that you will reach in ten minutes, but what about the traffic ahead? Being the hosts, last thing you would want to do is arrive late or cause a delay in the auspicious muhurat. It is best to leave at least an hour or two in advance for the venue. Especially for the brides they should plan their wedding day well, keeping their parlour appointments, pre-wedding rituals and travelling time in mind.
  • Don’t forget to keep a room at the venue: This one is especially for the bride too. Have a room ready at your wedding venue where you can keep your things, retouch your makeup, and relax before the ceremony starts. In most Indian communities, bride enters the venue/mandap after the groom, so use that time to relax, eat something and retouch your makeup, etc.
  • Not eating anything: Talking about food, many brides tend to feel hungry right before the wedding. It could be due to nervousness or stress. It can also be because they would not have eaten anything at all before the wedding, due to the many pre-wedding rituals and parlour appointments. Whatever it is, keep some snacks handy, but ensure that it does not spoil your makeup.
  • Forgetting to drink water: Many brides in the mad rush of their wedding day forget to drink water, thus dehydrating themselves. You wouldn’t want to get wed with a parched throat, would you? So, take a deep breath and keep sipping on water.

In conclusion, these are some major things you must keep in mind during your wedding planning and preparation and as well as during the wedding itself. If you stay away from the much avoidable disasters and mistakes, you will be able to enjoy your own wedding day in a much better way.

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Written by Victoria Iwuoha

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